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Please be advised  that Sunday, May 8th all the voting center will open from

7:00 AM till 10:00 PM


NB: In order to vote, don't forget to bring your Lebanese identification new format (Plastic card) or A Lebanese Passport (Navy Blue machine readable issued after 2003) or Biometric Format.

?Where Do You Vote

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If you are registered to vote from abroad in Lebanon’s upcoming 2022 parliamentary elections and your Lebanese passport is expired, a mechanism has now been established that allows you to use your expired passport in order to cast your vote for a fee of $10, rather than renewing your passport. If your Lebanese passport is valid, this announcement does not apply to you.
This procedure can only be done for expired machine-readable or biometric passports (i.e., the navy blue models); it cannot be done for non-machine readable passports (i.e., the burgundy and older models). Note that this procedure does not renew your expired passport; it simply validates your expired passport as a form of identification for election day, since a valid passport is required in order to cast your vote. It will be noted on your passport that it is “Strictly used for voting.”
This process can be done in person or by mail at the General Consulate or at the Honorary Consulates of Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Francisco

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